Studying Foundation Courses with Kaplan University

Studying Foundation Courses with Kaplan University

Kaplan University has various pathway programmes for international students to enter UK universities. At Kaplan University, you will study a Foundation programme and then progress onto your chosen undergraduate or postgraduate degree. You will study a combination of academic subjects relevant to the degree you wish to progress to. When you study a pathway course, your ultimate goal is to gain entry to university.

Kaplan pathway courses (foundation) are the best choice for to reach your goal because the year 2017 has been a year of success for Kaplan students.

Kaplan University has announced that 88% of its students who successfully completed their UK Kaplan pathway course have received an unconditional offer from their 1st-choice university.

These fantastic results reflect the hard work and dedication of Kaplan students, and the excellent teaching and support at Kaplan pathway colleges in the UK.

If you are inspired by these results, and would like to become a successful Kaplan student, please contact us to learn more about Kaplan pathway courses and find the right route to your chosen university.


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