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  • 1 Year GCSE and Pre GCSE
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  • Undergraduate Year 1
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About Bellerbys College

Bellerbys College is a series of three (formerly four) private international boarding schools based in the UK (Cambridge, London and Brighton, and until 2017 Oxford), owned by Study Group International who also operate language schools under the name Embassy. This College offers a world of choice when it comes to university pathways and support students to make the best choice for them.

*Bellerbys College Brighton: A modern, interdisciplinary boarding school offering GCSE Pathway Programme, 1 Year GCSE, A Level and Foundation.

*Bellerbys College Cambridge: A specialist college for science and engineering offering 1 Year GCSE, A Level and Foundation.

*Bellerbys College London: A specialist college for business students offering 1 Year GCSE, A Level, Foundation, Undergraduate Year 1 and Pre-Masters.

Why Bellerbys Brighton ?

Brighton is one of the most distinctive and diverse cities in the UK. It buzzes with creativity, students and a thriving digital media scene - and central London is less than an hour away by train. Brighton is a place where people come to explore, be challenged, and learn. Bellerbys Brighton offers the widest choice of programmes and subjects. You will study in a supportive environment. Older students mentor younger students, and former students come back to talk to you about applying to university.

Why Bellerbys Cambridge ?

Cambridge is famous as the home of one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. It is a safe and inspiring place to study surrounded by cobbled streets and historic architecture. All programmes, subject choices and activities are focussed on helping you succeed in your chosen science or engineering degree.

Why Bellerbys London ?

London is a leading study destination for international students. Studying in London lets you explore every detail of the business world. Recognised as a centre of business excellence, London provides a base for 40% of global companies. So you'll be surrounded prestigious international organisations. At Bellerbys College London, you’ll be studying alongside students who share your passion for business. Classes are taught by experts with real-world experience. Guest lecturers from top London universities also come to Bellerbys to teach.

Bellerbys pathways

General Certificate of Secondary Education

GCSEs at Bellerbys College: GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. GCSEs are taken as a course of study before taking A Levels or a Foundation pathway. If you are interested in pursuing a course of study in the UK that leads to a UK university place, getting the right GCSE grades will help you get there. If you are aged 14 or 15 and need to improve your IELTS score before joining the 1 Year GCSE, you can join our Pre-GCSE programme for one, two or three terms.  By completing the 2 Year GCSE Pathway Programme in your chosen pathway, you can continue your studies with A Level or Foundation programmes in a variety of subjects.


University entry through Foundation programme: Foundation programme is a respected alternative to A Levels that is widely accepted by many UK universities. Each Foundation pathway is accredited by Lancaster University. Business, Finance and Management Foundation offers conditional direct progression to top universities.

You can choose from 12 subject pathways, all offering our high quality teaching. In just one year, you will develop your subject knowledge, English language and study skills in preparation for your degree. In 2016, Foundation students progressed to study at prestigious universities including Durham University, University of Exeter, Lancaster University, the University of Bath, and many more.

A Levels

Every year students from all over the world gain places at leading universities with the Bellerbys A Level programme. Develop a deep understanding of subjects, and independent thinking skills that are highly valued by universities in the UK. All of A Level subjects offer 'enrichment activities'. These additional activities will help improve your understanding of a subject.

1 Year GCSE and Pre GCSE

The college offers a range of GCSE courses to suit different ages and levels of ability. You can choose from Pre-GCSE, intensive 1 Year GCSE programme or 2 year GCSE Pathway Programme.

*1 Year GCSE: Study one-year course if you want to gain up to six GCSE qualifications in core subjects, preparing you for A Level or Foundation study. The one-year course is the fastest way to achieve your qualifications and is perfect for students starting their GCSEs later or those who want to get a head start on their future.

*Pre-GCSE: This course is the perfect preparation for the 1 Year GCSE programme if you do not yet have IELTS level 5.0. You'll study a mix of core subjects and English language, and have full-time support from teachers and staff. Students who complete the 1 Year GCSE programme have gone on to study A Level and Foundation programmes in a variety of subjects. After this, Bellerbys students have attended many well respected universities in the UK and the rest of the world. Minimum age: 15+.

English Language Preparation

If you need to develop your English language skills before starting your A Levels or Foundation programme at Bellerbys, the English Language Preparation Programme can help. This is a fast and tailored course that offers 25 hours of teaching time a week.

Undergraduate Year 1

The Undergraduate Year 1 Business and Management programme is a one-year course equal to the first year of an undergraduate degree. Taught in London, this course prepares you for the second year of a business-related degree at university subject to achieving the required grades and IELTS/ AES (Academic English Skills) required by that university. This programme develops your English language and study skills and prepares you for second-year entry to a choice of UK universities.


College is a big change, and where you live is an important part of settling in and making friends. Where ever you decide to live your fellow students will be there for friendship and support. The colleges offer secure, safe, modern accommodation.