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About Regent

Regent was one of the earliest groups of English language schools in the UK. The first school, Regent London, was established in 1964 by passionate British Council teacher David Mariano who wanted to run a proper school, with proper teachers and proper courses, in sharp contrast to the poorly organised schools he had seen first hand. A course with Regent can change your life - providing you with the knowledge, skills and performance in a second language which help you to excel in your job, win a promotion or a place at university.

Provided courses

General English 

These courses are designed to have an impact on the present and future life of the learner in an international environment. The skills training session provides the practice that students need according to their study goals, such as pronunciation, business English or study skills.

Cambridge Exam Preparation

Cambridge English certificates are awarded by a department of the world famous University of Cambridge. The certificates cover listening, speaking, reading and writing giving accurate proof of your language skills.

Individual Tuition

Individual courses to make the fastest possible progress. Individual programmes of 30, 25, 20 and 15 hours per week are available for clients requiring the most intensive programmes. It includes two types:

*Tailor-made for maximum progress : One-to-one lessons offer students a programme which is designed precisely to their own unique requirements. In this way, you make the maximum possible progress because the teacher is able to focus on your needs and your personal learning style in every lesson.

*English for specific purposes: Individual tuition programmes are ideal for those who need to improve their English language skills for specific purposes.

IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS Preparation course consists of 25 hours of English language skills including specialist lessons for exam preparation and exam skills plus one individual coaching session per week. IELTS courses are built around a strong course structure that supports the learning and guides progress.

TOEFL Preparation

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an exam which tests English language proficiency in four key areas, reading, listening, speaking and writing. Each section is marked out of 30, these scores are combined to give a total score out of 120. Recognised at more than 9,000 universities and agencies worldwide. This programme is designed to prepare you for the iBT exam.

Specialist Courses

The school offers specialist courses for individuals with a personal or professional need for Aviation English, Legal English, English for Leadership, Teacher Training and Arts, Literature and Culture.


Homestay: Homestay accommodation provides students with a welcoming environment with a local British family. Living with a family gives you the opportunity to practice what you have learned in your lessons and experience British culture and food. Homestay accommodation includes a single room, and breakfast and an evening meal each day. Ensuite Homestay includes the same, as well as a private bathroom.

Residences : You get a single room, and usually share kitchen facilities with other students. Residence accommodation is available in the summer in Cambridge and Edinburgh, and all year round in Bournemouth, London and Oxford. You have to be at least 18 to stay in a residence.