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About Study Group

Study Group is a global company that prepares international students for university degree programmes, teaches high school education, and teaches English language courses. Study Group owns and operates colleges and partners with more than 50 universities across the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia. In 2014, Study Group enrolled more than 63,000 students from 170 countries. Study Group helped 70,000 students from 163 countries to achieve their goals in 2016

In the United Kingdom, Study Group has entered into agreements with a number of universities, whereby students are taught at an "International Study Centre" by Study Group staff on the university's premises. These "foundation" courses are designed to prepare students for a regular undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

Under these arrangements, the Study Group programmes are validated by the host university and are marketed alongside the host university's own degree courses. On each university's website, information about Study Group courses are contained on Study Group web pages with the identical appearance to the university's own web pages.

Study Group pathway programmes are specially designed: university-recognised courses that help you to gain the academic, English language and learning standards you need to succeed, giving you the best possible start to your UK or European education. 

You can choose Foundation, Year One or Pre-Masters University pathways from a broad choice of dedicated International Study Centres (ISCs) located at many of the leading universities in the UK.

In the overall rankings, two of the institutions they work with feature in the top 10: Imperial College London retaining its position in 4th and Lancaster University retaining its position in 9th.

A further 10 universities they work with rank in the top 50: 9th - Lancaster University, 11th - University of Surrey, 16th - University of Leeds, 18th - University of Sussex, 27th - The University of Sheffield, 32nd - University of Leicester, 37th - Royal Holloway University of London, 46th - Keele University, 48th - University of Strathclyde, 49th - University of Lincoln, 50th - Coventry University London Campus.

Among these universities, we are partner with Keele University, Kingston University, London, Lancaster University, Leeds Beckett University, Liverpool John Moores University, The University of Sheffield, University of Huddersfield, University of Leicester, University of Lincoln, University of Strathclyde, University of Surrey, and University of Sussex.