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  • Business Courses.
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About Eurocentres

Founded in 1948, Eurocentres has more than 60 years of experience in organizing language courses abroad. Eurocentres teaches languages where they are actually spoken and offers language courses in locations on six continents. More than 13,000 students a year from all over the world make the language courses an intercultural adventure. Eurocentres‘ success is based on three pillars: Academic Excellence, Coaching, and Community & Service.

Provided Courses

General Language (pre-sessional English)

Eurocentres gives you the opportunity to systematically improve your language skills in the fields of speaking, writing, grammar and pronunciation. A mix of theoretical and practical lessons, discussions and presentations will enable you to develop self-confidence and fluency in the target language.

Business Courses

Improve your language skills in a targeted way for your professional and business environment. With specific focus lessons you will acquire the abilities you need to communicate successfully in modern day-to-day business life.

Exam Courses

At the end of every Eurocentres course you receive a Eurocentres certificate which records the level of competence you have reached. But perhaps you want to supplement this with a recognised qualification. Eurocentres offers you first class preparation for all the most important language qualifications. The courses range from eight to twelve weeks. Each week, you will have twenty classes on general language skills and five lessons for focused exam preparation. Five additional sessions will familiarise you with test-taking methods.

Long term Courses

For students wishing to study for 24 weeks or more, Eurocentres is offering the attractive Language Semester and Year Programme with “Open Choice” and “Super Saver” options. Open Choice allows you to choose freely and combine schools, languages and the content of your course. The Eurocentres Success System is common throughout the world, which enables you to easily spread your studies over several schools worldwide.


Eurocentres is one of the largest IELTS test centres in Europe. When preparing for your IELTS exam at any Eurocentres school you can fully rely on the in-depth knowledge of our teachers. During your exam preparation you will benefit from focussed and highly-personalised teaching which will help to ensure that you achieve your target score. If you plan to continue your studies Eurocentres can support you, as we have links with a large network of renowned universities.