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Courses  University preparation: Pathways

About Kaplan International Pathways

Kaplan University has various pathway programmes for international students to enter UK university degree courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate level. Each year, Kaplan University helps well over 25,000 students study towards an exciting future, and they have established successful partnerships with over 40 universities worldwide.

University pathway courses at a Kaplan college in the UK will prepare you for a top university. At Kaplan International Pathways, they create a world of degree opportunities by working with students and their parents, as well as their university partners, educational agents and sponsors, to provide a global education. Each year, they help well over 25,000 students study towards an exciting future, and they have established successful partnerships with over 40 universities worldwide. Their dedicated regional offices and education representatives are ready to give you all the study abroad help and information you need to make the right choice for your education, wherever you are in the world.

Pathway courses with Kaplan include Foundation Courses, International Year One, Bachelor’s Degree Completion, and Pre-Master’s. A degree from a leading university will give you a great advantage in your career.

Kaplan University offers wide range of study options:

*A levels in the UK: you can gain a prestigious British qualification and apply to any suitable UK university. A levels are a prestigious post-secondary school qualification in the UK, and are a key part of the application process for UK students wishing to attend a British university.

*Preparation for a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in your chosen university destination: Their degree preparation, or ‘pathway’, courses are designed to help you gain entry to top UK and US universities. They offer three main types of pathway course:

-Undergraduate preparation (e.g. Foundation Certificate) for progression to a bachelor’s degree

-Accelerated undergraduate preparation (International Year One) for progression to year 2 of a bachelor’s degree.

-Master’s preparation (e.g. Pre-Master’s) for progression to a master’s degree.

Kaplan University also offers pathway courses leading to doctorate degrees in the UK.

These pathway courses are a great way to improve your English language level, subject knowledge and academic skills, and help you build confidence for a degree. This type of course may be the right choice for you if you do not quite meet the English language or academic requirements of your chosen university

*Direct entry to a degree in the UK: Kaplan University guarantees immediate enrollment on a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a top UK.

Kaplan University can help you gain admission directly to a degree at a university in the UK or the USA, as long as you meet all the entry requirements. If you have the level of education, English language and academic grades needed to enroll in a degree program, direct entry to University may be the best path for you. They can help you with your application, review your qualifications and offer expert advice.