About us

Who are we?

Future Graduates Ltd. is a young agency that is partnered with several UK institutions including top universities, British Council approved English language schools and colleges that provide high quality courses. 

Our team is comprised of experienced counsellors and consultants who have ample experience in the UK education system. Many members of our team have lived and studied in the UK or the USA, hence possess practical experience in living and studying in the United Kingdom and the United States. However, our current focus is the United Kingdom. Therefore, we are more than happy to share our knowledge with you, and help you reach your goals and ambitions during your decision to study in the United Kingdom. 

Future Graduates Ltd. is headquartered in Liverpool, England. However, we also have representatives in the GCC countries including Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Our Goals

Facilitating our customers' journey towards achieving their academic ambitions and goals:

we work with you until you secure the most suitable place for your studies. We are committed to providing the best professional advice and instruction to reach your goals and ambitions. 

Encouraging exposure to other cultures:

we encourage individuals from all over the world to undertake the experience of studying abroad when they can. Such experience is guaranteed to enrich their cultural exposure and broaden their horizons and visions. In return, this has invaluable benefits that are in favour of both personal and social aspects. 

Your success is our success:

At Future Graduates Ltd., we have strong sense of ownership towards our customers and partners. Hence, we strive to help you reach success in every step of your business with our company.